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this is the main page of the Pop Lab at Stanford

poplab v-ball at crissy fieldWe are a research group led by Prof. Eric Pop in Electrical Engineering (EE) and Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) at Stanford University. We are located in the Paul G. Allen Annex, working in the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility (SNF) and the Stanford Nano Shared Facilities (SNSF). We are affiliated with the Stanford SystemX Alliance and the Non-Volatile Memory Technology Research Initiative (NMTRI).

Our research is at the intersection of nanoelectronics and nanoscale energy conversion, exploring topics such as:
  • Energy-efficient transistors, data storage (memory), and thermoelectrics
  • 2D materials (graphene, h-BN, MoS2, WSe2,...) and phase-change materials (GST, VO2)
  • Fundamental physical limits of current and heat flow, e.g. ballistic electrons and phonons
  • Applications of nanoscale energy transport, conversion, and harvesting
Our work includes nanofabrication, characterization, and multiscale simulations. On-campus collaborations include (Applied) Physics, SLAC, Chemical, and Mechanical Engineering, and off-campus they range from UIUC, UC Davis, Georgia Tech, UT Dallas, Univ. of Tokyo and Singapore (NUS), to TU Wien, Univ. Bologna and Poli Milano, etc.

Learn about our work: for a broader introduction, see our press coverage. For the technical details, read through our publications. Also see other materials linked above, like software (some on the nanoHub) and teaching.

Directions to our lab: Paul Allen Building Annex parking directions (PDF), campus map, Google map

70 nm MoS2 FET (C. English) graphene nanoribbon thermal properties (Bae & Li) 2D layers (Z. Li) probes graphene hot spot (MH Bae)

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