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graphene heating movie

This movie shows real-time heating observed in a large (25x6 um) graphene transistor using infrared (IR) thermal microscopy. The spatial resolution is ~2 um and the temperature resolution is ~0.1 C. The drain-source voltage is varied from -12 to 12 V, illustrating the movement of the hot spot between electrodes. The background temperature is 70 C, and the vertical color bar is the temperature rise above this, in C. [500 kb wmv file]

k-space movie

This movie shows electron trajectories in momentum space. The Brillouin zone boundaries are drawn with dotted lines and the camera angle begins to change after 1.25 ps. The applied electric field is zero for the first 0.5 ps and -40 kV/cm thereafter. Note that the negatively charged electrons are accelerated in the +x direction, against the electric field. The vertical color bar is the electron energy scale, in eV. [2.7 Mb mpg file]

18nm UTB-SOI movieThis movie shows electron trajectories in real space, inside an 18 nm ultra-thin body (UTB) silicon-on-insulator (SOI) transistor. The applied voltage is 0.8 V on the gate and drain, the source (left) is grounded. The device was optimized (Ion=1000 uA/um and Ioff=1 uA/um) with the help of a commercial device simulator (Medici). The particle trajectories were then computed with Monet in the fixed field distribution extracted from Medici. The vertical color bar is the electron energy scale, in eV. [9.9 Mb mpg file]


silicon phonon dispersion

The phonon dispersion data in bulk silicon from G. Dolling's 1963 paper ("Lattice Vibrations in Crystals with the Diamond Structure"). The plot on the left can be obtained with this Matlab file.

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updated July 2013