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How We Publish

As an interdisciplinary group, our publishing style falls somewhere between that of physics or materials science (i.e. journal papers and short APS/MRS conference abstracts) and that of more traditional engineering disciplines (i.e. journal papers and/or longer conference papers, some in highly selective venues). On average we publish approximately equal numbers of journal papers and conference abstracts, with the conference abstract often coming out first.

Author ordering on our publications lists the main (e.g. student or post-doc) author first, followed by other co-authors in decreasing order of their contribution. The principal advisor of the first author is typically listed last and is the corresponding author. In other words, publications primarily coming from our group will have E. Pop as the last author. When the first author is co-advised, the two faculty advisors may take turns serving as last and corresponding author.

We tend not to publish nor review articles in journals run by for-profit publishers like Elsevier, Springer, Wiley. (With some rare exceptions, depending on a student's or collaborator's research or career needs.) These journals make extraordinary profits by using academic reviewers' free time and labor, while charging large access fees to university libraries. Instead, we publish in non-profit society journals, i.e. those run by AAAS, ACS, APS, IEEE, and IOP. Also see:

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updated Jan 2020